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The Sunday Stretch – Low Back Anywhere

The Sunday Stretch – Low Back Anywhere

Without a doubt, the most common complaint people have is low back pain. Something about modern life stresses our backs. Maybe it’s the shape of car or airplane seats. Maybe it’s stress. Or maybe it’s being on a computer for hours every day. Whatever the cause, there are things we can do for ourselves to lessen that tight aching low back pain.

What do I suggest? Well first, you ought to be foam rolling your back. Check out our post Foam Rolling Basics. Second, ice any painful areas for 20 minutes (every 2 hours if you can manage it.) And of course you need to stretch it.

There are lots of stretches for the low back, and many of them are great. But most of them can’t be done out in public. Imagine dropping into Downward Facing Dog while you’re at the grocery store. (Google it if you don’t know what it DFD is.) So today’s Sunday Stretch is a low back stretch you can do just about anywhere.

The Seated Low Back Stretch



As you can see in the pictures above, all you need is a chair or a bench so that you can bend forward to stretch out those tight low back muscles.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you stretch effectively:

  • Start by sitting up straight, head level.
  • Spread your knees apart so that you can bend between your legs if you are flexible enough.
  • Take in a breath then slowly let it out and begin to bend your torso forward.
  • Keep your spine and neck fairly straight as you smoothly bend forward.
  • Allow your hands to follow the outside of your legs for support as you bend.
  • Do not attempt to stretch too far. This stretch, or any stretch, should not be painful.
  • When you reach your maximum comfortable stretch take in another breath then breathe out, relaxing into the stretch as you do.
  • Remain in the relaxed stretch for 30 seconds. You should be able to feel your low back releasing.
  • Ease out of the stretch gently.
  • You’re on your way!


I use this stretch when my low back tightens up from hiking or running the Santa Monica area trails. It works great!

Remember – if you have continuous serious back pain see a doctor!

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