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Learn to Let Go:  Embracing Yoga for Athletes – by Sean Lords

Learn to Let Go: Embracing Yoga for Athletes – by Sean Lords

Learn to Let Go:  Embracing Yoga for Athletes* a guest post by Sean Lords It happened while I was teaching in Korea. My athletic friends, the ones that accused me of being “lazy” or “whipped” for taking a yoga class, all started adding yoga to their workout regimens. It became so common that they didn’t even… Read More

The Sunday Stretch – Low Back Anywhere

The Sunday Stretch – Low Back Anywhere

Without a doubt, the most common complaint people have is low back pain. Something about modern life stresses our backs. Maybe it’s the shape of car or airplane seats. Maybe it’s stress. Or maybe it’s being on a computer for hours every day. Whatever the cause, there are things we can do for ourselves to… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Foam Rolling for Shin Splints

Wellness Wednesday: Foam Rolling for Shin Splints

Painful, and often agonizingly slow to heal, shin splints are the bane of many an athlete. Coupled with R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) and sports massage, foam rolling the calf muscles can often provide relief and a return to sport. Calf therapy using a foam roll: Placing the foam roll on the floor, position… Read More

The Sunday Stretch – Stretching for Success

When incorporated into your workout routine, stretching regularly can increase your range of motion, flexibility, mobility and circulation. Stretching also provides an excellent “bridge” between inactivity and vigorous activity. Here are 8 simple tips to help you stretch effectively: Read More

The Sunday Stretch – The Deep Glute Muscles

As you probably can guess by the name of the post, we seek to bring you a new stretch each Sunday. That way you can practice it and add it to your stretching arsenal for the rest of the week. This Sunday Stretch we’re going to work on the deep gluteal muscle group. There are… Read More

The Sunday Stretch – The Dailies

This Sundays’s stretch is one of my personal favorites. I learned this very beneficial stretching routine from pro beach volleyball legend Elaine Roque. If there was ever a stretch for everyone this is it. I have used it to keep my low back mobile and out of pain both before and after spine surgery. I still use… Read More

The Sunday Stretch – The “C” Stretch

The Sunday Stretch is our new feature bringing you an easy to remember stretch to add to your wellness arsenal. Today’s Stretch: The C Stretch Stretching is important. Over the years I’ve help thousands of athletes integrate stretching into their daily training routine. But I’ve noticed the more I teach them, the less they remember.… Read More

The Importance of Sports Massage in the New Millennium

It is my observation that Sport Massage is an essential component of a healthy active lifestyle, especially now, in the 21st century. Americans are undergoing a shift in lifestyle. This shift is based on the failure of the 20th century paradigm to provide health and wellness, especially in later years of life, and rising costs that have put traditional… Read More

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the new LA Sports Massage blog. My name is Dennis Lisaius, owner and head therapist. I have been a massage therapist & body worker for more than 25 years, and firmly believe that massage therapy is the key to a healthy body and a healthy training regimen, no matter what your… Read More


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