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The Sunday Stretch – The Dailies

This Sundays’s stretch is one of my personal favorites. I learned this very beneficial stretching routine from pro beach volleyball legend Elaine Roque. If there was ever a stretch for everyone this is it. I have used it to keep my low back mobile and out of pain both before and after spine surgery. I still use… Read More

Wellness Wednesday – Back Massage At Home

The back region is often thought to be inaccessible for self-massage at home, not being equipped with magic arms that bend whichever way we please. However, just by using a tennis ball (light pressure) or a hard rubber ball such as a self massage ball (heavy pressure), you can easily massage your problem areas in… Read More

Foam Rolling Basics

Perhaps you’ve wandered by the stretching area of your local gym and noticed a long cylinder made of foam laying there. What’s it for? Good question. It’s a foam roller and it’s used for self massage. I get a lot of questions about using the foam roller so let’s cover the basics. Foam Rolling, aka… Read More


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