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How to care for sports injuries – A Guest Post

For this week’s Wellness Wednesday we’re featuring a guest post from our good friend Bill Lockton. This post is the first in a series of three from Bill to help you deal with sports injuries.  HOW TO CARE FOR SPORTS INJURIES by Bill Lockton Part 1: Treating the Symptoms As a running coach and mentor,… Read More

The Sunday Stretch – The “C” Stretch

The Sunday Stretch is our new feature bringing you an easy to remember stretch to add to your wellness arsenal. Today’s Stretch: The C Stretch Stretching is important. Over the years I’ve help thousands of athletes integrate stretching into their daily training routine. But I’ve noticed the more I teach them, the less they remember.… Read More

Foam Rolling Basics

Perhaps you’ve wandered by the stretching area of your local gym and noticed a long cylinder made of foam laying there. What’s it for? Good question. It’s a foam roller and it’s used for self massage. I get a lot of questions about using the foam roller so let’s cover the basics. Foam Rolling, aka… Read More

Use Ice or Heat for Pain and Recovery?

Use Ice or Heat for Pain and Recovery?

Like so many subjects, the proper care of an injured or painful muscle, joint or other body part can be controversial. Should you stretch it, rest it, or strengthen it? Whatever practice you choose, you can be sure there are advocates for every point of view. And so it is with whether to apply heat… Read More

The Importance of Sports Massage in the New Millennium

It is my observation that Sport Massage is an essential component of a healthy active lifestyle, especially now, in the 21st century. Americans are undergoing a shift in lifestyle. This shift is based on the failure of the 20th century paradigm to provide health and wellness, especially in later years of life, and rising costs that have put traditional… Read More

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the new LA Sports Massage blog. My name is Dennis Lisaius, owner and head therapist. I have been a massage therapist & body worker for more than 25 years, and firmly believe that massage therapy is the key to a healthy body and a healthy training regimen, no matter what your… Read More


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