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Wellness Wednesday – Back Massage At Home

The back region is often thought to be inaccessible for self-massage at home, not being equipped with magic arms that bend whichever way we please. However, just by using a tennis ball (light pressure) or a hard rubber ball such as a self massage ball (heavy pressure), you can easily massage your problem areas in the upper and lower back.

For trigger point relief, simply put the ball under the target muscle as you lay on the floor, using your body weight to provide pressure. Once you’ve discovered the trouble spot, roll onto it and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat as necessary. This is a simple, easy solution for those pesky knots behind the shoulder blades (the traps, the rhomboids), in the lower back (lumbar), and even in the glutes.

Bonus tip: You can make your own back-massage tool by placing two balls into a long sock or stocking, leaving a little wiggle room between them, and tying the end tightly. Place the tool under your back while lying on the floor (more pressure) or leaning against a wall (less pressure), allowing the balls to rest in the channels on either side of your spine. Roll up and down, from your neck to your hips for a great tension reliever.

If you’re using a hard firm ball remember go easy around bony spots such as on the spine in the middle of your back. You don’t want to bruise yourself. Try a softer ball at first then graduate up to a firm ball after you’re experienced.

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